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The Weeknd Adds Three Additional Bonus Tracks To ‘After Hours’

Following the massive unveiling of his latest opus, After Hours, just days later The Weeknd slipped a few more tracks onto the project in the form of remixes . Now, more than a week past its original release, the Canadian singer has added three more songs to the collection.

Known to keep his personal life a secret, The Weeknd broke the mold a few days back by hosting Instagram live sessions where he sat in front of a computer in a dark room and played final editions of his work that never made it to streaming services. The comments were flooded with pleas from fans to release the content, and approximately 24 hours later, he delivered three new recordings in the form of “Nothing Compares,” “Missed You” and “Final Lullaby.” The songs seem to be similar in nature, with one featuring the lyrics “Nothing compares to the emptiness we both share/ And nobody cares like you do/ You asked for my heart, but I didn’t know where to start/ But they won’t think of you like I do.”

Listen to the new recordings that take up the #15, #16 and #17 spots on the XO Weeknd/Republic-released After Hours album below.

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Photo: The Come Up Show