The Chainsmokers’ Drive-In Concert Backlash Gets Worse

Though The Chainsmokers seem to have good intentions during last weekend’s drive-in Hamptons concert this past weekend, the dynamic EDD/Pop duo come under increased scrutiny after attendees refused to abide but social distancing restrictions. What promised to be Corona Virus-safe event, restrictions were quickly dismissed as groups within the 2,000 attendees started to exit their pre-assigned allocated spaces in order to approach the concert stage .

New York health commissioner Howard Zucker wrote to Southampton town supervisor Jay Schneiderman Monday saying he was “greatly disturbed” about the concert. “I am at a loss as to how the Town of Southampton could have issued a permit for such an event, how they believed it was legal and not an obvious public health threat,”. Zucker suggested that at some point “it became clear violations were rampant.”

According to one of the event organizers, In The Know Experience, they had set up dividers in the pit section, although they are only occasionally visible in the images attendees posted from the event. See here for some of the evidence.

Drive-in concerts have become more common during the pandemic, including a series of recent Live Nation-sponsored shows in stadium or amphitheater concerts lots, headlined by the likes of Brad Paisley, Jon Pardi and Nelly, as well as tours by country, Christian and EDM artists in actual drive-in theaters around the South and Midwest. So far, none of those events have come under as much scrutiny as this one, partly due to their strict enforcement of social distancing measures.

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Photo: thecomeupshow