The Chainsmokers’ Concert Challenges Social Distancing In A Big Way

What was originally touted as a socially-distanced concert in the Hamptons at a drive-in theater Saturday night ended up looking like a full-blown pre-Corona concert gathering.

For obvious reasons the pre-show buzz for The Chainsmokers to play their first live show in many months was massive and due to COVID-19 the plan was to have the crowd socially distance on the 100-acre venue. In an effort to keep people apart and safe there were temperature checks at the admission gate and complimentary face masks were provided, however the performance proved too engaging forcing the crowd to blended together, with attendees standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

While American person concerts are just starting to come back the lack of attention to social distancing at this show has caused many to worry about a possible spike in cases in the Hamptons with confidence waning from those who are planning upcoming events. Proceeds from The Chainsmokers event went to No Kid Hungry, Southampton Fresh Air Home, and the Children’s Medical Fund of New York.

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Photo: thecomeupshow