Sorosh Tavakoli

Spotify Readies Tool To Crack Down On Copyright Infringement

With massive amounts of readily available music, Spotify is in the process of acquiring a patent for a new Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface technology to detect similarities between artist compositions.

In an attempt to prevent musicians and songwriters from unwittingly infringing on existing copyrights and facing potential legal action the new tool will be able to detect similarities in real time, allowing authors to immediately edit their compositions should there be an accidental (or purposeful) similarity to a pre-existing release. Lead sheets, which express a song’s unique chord structure, melody, and lyrics, are fed into an AI program that can compare existing tracks in the streaming platform’s database.

This new Spotify Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface Technology is a significant step forward in anti-plagiarism technologies, offering a more concise process and result than preexisting tools that rely only on melodies and sampling.

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Photo: Sorosh Tavakoli