Christmas Tree

‘SNL’ Performs Ode To The Presents Moms Get: Watch

During Saturday Night Live‘s final episode of 2020 cthey inadvertently started a social media avalanche by addressing the robes many-a-mom gets gifted for Christmas.

Returning to the SNL set as the show’s December 20 host (after seven years as a 2007 – 2115 regular), the pre-recorded sketch shows veteran Kristen Wiig playing a mother who received a robe while the rest of her family got a plethora of precious gifts. Wiig’s character mentions how her holiday efforts go under-appreciated, burning her arm while cooking and taking care of the family’s new dog while everyone else has fun.

Following the SNL parody mothers around the country took to social media to show off their own robe gifts.

While most of the posts featured grateful moms others were not as amused, noting how they seemed to be put last on the “happiest day of the year.”

And here’s the original Saturday Night Live video that started the trend.

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