Ralphi Rosario

PRO MOTION’s LeBeau Interviews Legendary DJ/Remix Producer Ralphi Rosario: Watch

Recently, Brad LeBeau of PRO MOTION had the opportunity to sit down and interview dance music legend Ralphi Rosario. While in their respective dwellings during this time of social distancing, the two were able to catch up on their 20+ year working relationship and discuss what goes into successful remix productions and the formula for longevity in the music industry.

Having worked with countless recording artists over three-plus decades, including his own creations and remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Matchbox 20, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Pussycat Dolls, Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, and Gloria Estefan‘s forthcoming release, the internationally recognized deejay/producer/artist had much to say about what he looks for when considering a new project. Rosario’s biggest criteria is the overall quality of a song’s melody and lyric and the ability to maintain the remix integrity from the original composition. The listeners interest in hearing a Rosario remix repeatedly over time is of paramount importance to the Chicago native as he reframes the song to fit a wider dance music landscape.

Rosario and LeBeau discussed how things in the recording industry have recently changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways that many club culture professionals has been forced to reinvent themselves. Brad and Ralphi agreed that humans historically don’t like change and hope that more people will embrace the shift – a challenge that not only reflects recent times, but is of a priori importance when looking back at ones success in life.

In closing out the interview, the two sent a message of hope, that regardless of the worlds current restrictions there nevertheless remains a voluminous amount of exciting music to listen to and new repertoire to create.

Watch PRO MOTION’s full in-depth interview with Ralphi Rosario below.

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Photo: Dancegeek0118