P!nk Pens Encouraging Letter To Mothers During COVID-19

Multi-Grammy-winning artist P!nk took this Mother’s Day weekend to pen a “You are doing amazing” message about being a mom during the worldwide pandemic.

In the essay, the 40-year-old songstress chronicled her daily struggle of not only being a mother in the age of social distancing, but also learning how to deal with being diagnosed with Corona Virus. Adding fuel to the fure, her own child also caught the illness. “Battling COVID-19 along with my 3-year-old son was the most physically and emotionally challenging experience I have gone through as a mother …. Weeks after receiving our test results, my son was still ill and feverish. It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next.”

The experience opened P!nk’s eyes to the reality of what many other mothers are facing – especially those without significant resources. “As we begin to envision what life will look like on the other side of this, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of moms around the globe and consider doing what we can to help keep their babies safe,” she wrote. “How can we partake in ensuring their access to the basic human rights that so many of us are afforded each and every day?”

An ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Pennsylvania native closed her letter with a call to support the global organization’s efforts: “UNICEF is getting supplies into the hardest to reach places, helping governments and communities prevent the disease from spreading by training health workers, assisting teachers and schools, and working with all levels of government.” “We might not physically be able to be there for every child, but it’s a comfort to know that organizations like UNICEF are.”

Check out P!nk’s entire address, exclusively via NBC news.

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Photo: Andemaya