P!nk's 'Secrets' Breaks Out On Billboard Dance Chart

P!nk’s ‘Secrets’ Breaks Out On Billboard Dance Chart

One of the hardest working and most inspirational women in music, P!nk returns to the Billboard Dance Club Singles chart as the #1 Breakout with “Secrets.”

“I let the walls come down/I let the monster out/And it’s coming after me (after me)/Do you feel exposed/Where it hurts the most?/Can you wear it on your sleeve?” P!nk asks in the RCA Records release which already boasts 14,000,000+ plays. And the accompanying music video also has almost 8,000,000 views to date.

The clip for the Beautiful Trauma single features the singer strutting around an abandoned, graffiti-filled warehouse with her crew which consists of empowered dancers engaged in intimate stances. The subtle deep house references in the production add a heaviness to the song’s message. Give “Secrets” a listen and the video a watch below.

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