Club Pulse Shooting

Here’s How You Can Help the Victims of the Orlando Shooting

In the wake of the tragic events this past weekend, people from all walks of life are gathering to mourn the victims of the shootings at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Considered the deadliest mass shooting in American history, 50 individuals were found dead while 53 were seriously injured. Across the country, vigils are being held in order to show solidarity with both the victims and their families.

In addition to your attendance in a city near you, your contributions in the following ways can significantly help those in need.

Donate Money

The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and Equality Florida Action, Inc. have set up GoFundMe pages in order to help the victims and their families. Visit their sites today and help them reach their financial goals by donating in any way you can.

Donate Blood and Plasma

Countless individuals lined up in order to donate blood at local centers. Florida centers such as OneBlood are continuously asking for donations. If you’re a Florida resident, please find some time during your day to help support the victims. O-Negative, O-Positive, and AB donors are particularly needed but all help is appreciated. Centers are currently open and a database for locations are at this OneBlood’s official website. Pay a visit today and find a center near you. Orlando sites include the following addresses:

Orlando West Michigan Donor Center
345 W. Michigan Street, Ste. 106
Orlando, FL 32806

Orlando Main Donor Center
8669 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819

Oviedo Donor Center
1954 W. State Road 426
Oviedo, FL 32765

Donate to Orlando Hospitals

The majority of wounded victims were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center, which is only three blocks from Pulse. The hospital needs all the resources it can get so any contribution is greatly appreciated. The situation has been described as “very hectic” by a doctor interviewed by The Associated Press.

Stay Positive

Along with financial support, the victims and their families need your positive emotional reinforcement. Social media has been flooded with messages of uplifting messages and encouragement with the hashtag #OrlandoUnited. In tragic times like this, all positive thoughts of love and unity are invaluable. Please keep them in your thoughts as everyone copes with the events that have transpired this past weekend.