MTV Confirms Miley Cyrus As Host of 2015 Video Music Awards

Proof positive that ‘time heals all wounds’, MTV has confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be this year’s host of the VMA’s.

You may remember Miley’s rathe provocative performance of ‘Blurred Lines’ (with Robin Thicke) at the 2013 Video Music Awards. If not, here’s the video to refresh your memory …

In a recent article article TIME Magazine describes how Miley has evolved over the past two of years

For two years in a row, Cyrus has taken charge of the music industry’s most youth-focused event by sheer force of will, turning brief moments in the spotlight into opportunities to radically redefine the conversation around her: From Disney starlet to aggressive party-girl chanteuse, and from that to the social conscience of pop music.

Source: Time