As Mike Posner prepares to walk his way across America, he admits that he is “terrified” but also excited.

The 31-year-old plans to launch the 2,942-mile trek today from Asbury Park, NJ. His route will take him straight west to his home town of Detroit, then on a diagonal path to the ultimate destination of Venice Beach, Calif., at some undetermined point in the future. “It’s impossible to really know, because so much is weather dependent,” notes Posner, who plans to chronicle his adventures via social media.


The walk is something the “Cooler than Me” artist has wanted to do “for years and years,” but after the death of his father in January of 2017, and then his friend Avicii during April of 2018, the sojourn became a priority. “I feel everyone has a list of things they’d like to do in life and then a list of things they have to do,” Posner said. “After (the deaths) I realized I couldn’t wait to do these things I had to do on that list. I’d been putting (the walk) off for years and years and years. The time is now.”

To follow Mike and get updates on his whereabouts and daily actions, follow him on Instagram as he’s already started posting!

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