Internet sensation Michael Constantino is at it again, and this time it’s with an all new Drake mashup. Appearing on the Elvis Duran Show, the Boston native ‘stepped up to the plate for an all-new challenge. Known for his viral mashups, Z100 jock Garret threw him the task of singing 12 of Drizzy’s hits under one beat in real time. Constantino creatively runs through the Toronto rapper’s tracks like “Find Your Love,” “Marvin’s Room,” and “Hotline Bling”. Watch the clip above.

With the help of PRO MOTION and media publishers alike, Constantino gained a massive following this past summer with the release of his immensely viral “2000-2016” mashup which has generated tens of millions of views.

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Additionally, the track generated over 3 million streams on Spotify, earning him spots on the Top 50 Viral Charts in several charts including the Top 50 Viral Global. His second mashup “90’s & 2000’s Mashup” didn’t match the same success but still managed to gain millions of views, still an impressive feat for an unsigned artist.

Michael Constantino released “One Dance Mashup” on September 20 through his own label Constantino Music. Be sure to check it out on iTunes today.

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