MaWayy Notches #18* Spot On Billboard Dance With 'Blame'

MaWayy Notches #18* Spot On Billboard Dance With ‘Blame’

Jumping from #42* Hot Shot Debut to #31* Power Pick to #26* in previous weeks, MaWayy‘s “Blame” breaks Billboard Dance Club Songs Top 20 at #18*.

The original TeleTunez-released recording – created by MaWayy Radio hosts and producers Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi – contains heartfelt lyrics and a classic “main stage” production which, combined, provide the perfect canvas for the Lizot-created, official remix. True to the integrity of the initial single version, the deep house duo add a new gravity, creating their own spin that is tailor-made for the dance floor.

“Blame” follows the Los Angeles-based group’s former, Top 50 Billboard charting “Wrong“, a more laid-back production that contained a similar feel as their current effort. The difference and chart successes of both singles is a testament to MaWayy’s versatility as artists. Listen to their current Top 20 Billboard-charting track “Blame”.

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