Mariah Carey does an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in a bath tub

Mariah Carey was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (June 2) in order to promote her show in Las Vegas. The evening went smoothly as usual and filled with laughter. But somehow along the way, Kimmel was able to coerce the songstress into doing the rest of the interview in a bath tub–fully clothed of course.

But Mariah’s no stranger to bathing with clothes on, especially after telling us she has 5-year old twins who are “very much into the discovery of it all.”

Kimmel pulls out all the stops for his guest, including champagne, grapes, and plenty of bubbles for their bath tub.  Two shirtless dudes who give Chippendales a run for their money also came out to feed them grapes.

“Do they travel with you everywhere?” Kimmel asks. “If I’m lucky,” Carey teased.

The two then settled in to the bubbles and Mimi reveals she’s recently gotten engaged and flashes a 35-karat engagement ring. The pop star tells us her fiancé is Australian billionaire James Packer, who, unfortunately, will not be in Las Vegas for her upcoming shows. The conversation then drifts towards sports, where the Glitter star admits she doesn’t understand them.

“I could never follow the rules of sports. I just didn’t understand, why did we have to kick it in this goal? Isn’t this one just as good? I don’t understand!”

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