If it seems as if the Lost Kings are releasing a new remix every week it’s because they are! Regardless of how, exactly, they choose to spend their time – i.e. in studio or on social media – there’s no denying the production team’s dynamic talent.

Subsequent to last week’s official remix of ‘Somewhere To Run‘ by Krewella the Kings return with their recent re-work of ‘Together‘ by Cazzette. And the duo mentions the following in their track description box:

There was a lot of experimenting with this remix like pitching already pitched vocals but we loved the way it came out. There are 2 versions of this remix, the extended has a longer first verse so make sure to cop that when it comes out.
Fun Fact: We open our sets with this
The EP is sooooo close to coming out so hold tight!

That’s right folks … sit tight for their forthcoming EP and watch this space for up-to-the-minute PRO MOTION details!

Cazzette – Together (Lost Kings Remix)