Proof positive that “time flies”, LMFAO‘s viral “Party Rock Anthem” turns ten years old.

The musical duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu blew up during the Summer of 2011 with “Party Rock Anthem,” the first single from their sophomore album Sorry for Party Rocking. The song wasted no time topping worldwide music charts , including Billboard‘s coveted Hot 100, where it reigned #1 for six straight weeks — and it’s still one of the most successful Billboard hits of all time.

In addition to its 2011 mass appeal popularity, “Party …” was a key electronic music release that crossed over to Top 40 radio, bringing EDM culture into the mainstream. The LMFAO official music video features dancers performing the Melbourne shuffle to match the song’s iconic hook, “Everyday I’m shuffling.” 

While the song and video remain more kitch than serious throughout the years, the tongue-n-cheek single increases in annual popularity.

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Photo: Alterna2