Lizzo Recruits ‘Queer Eye’ Cast For ‘Soulmate’ Lyric Video: Watch

For her most recent video for “Soulmate” Lizzo recruited the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye.

The song, courtesy of Atlantic Records and appearing on her 2019 effort Cuz I Love You, celebrates self-love in several ways. Along with the track comes a visual that puts the recording into context with the help of some friendly faces. The clip sees the Detroit-born singer marrying herself, taking Polaroid pictures and dancing as an ode to individuality. Check out the video for “Soulmate” here.

The video crescendo comes when Jonathan Van Ness takes the time to prove an important point about Pride by stating: “Remember, Pride started as an uprising against POLICE BRUTALITY. Did you know that ‘cross dressing’ was a jail-able offense and was often used to harass & detain trans and gender non conforming people??” the Queer Eye star, who identifies as non-binary, captioned his Instagram clip of the lyric video. “All the way up through the early 70’s in the United States.”

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Photo: Raph_PH