Lizzo Sings Rendition Of Beatles’ ‘All Together Now’ For Facebook Group Chat Ad: watch

With many of us still stuck at home due to what is now a variety of world events, teleconferencing has become the go-to way to communicate for business and friendship. In response to services like Zoom and Skype, Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms and helping to roll out their new online concept was Lizzo, who offered up a rendition of the Beatles‘ “All Together Now” vocals on top of the social media giant’s visual advertisement.

Developed during lockdown by Leo Burnett and Facebook’s in-house Creative X studio, the kicky commercial, titled “Pictures,” features still cuts and videos from a diverse demographic of end users. Those seen in the spot find themselves roasting marshmallows for s’mores, discussing basketball, and rehearsing vogue dance moves..

Recorded specifically for the clip, Lizzo’s warm and upbeat rendition of the Beatles’ classic is in tune with the times supporting a service that lets up to 50 people group-chat for an indefinite period of time. “The new campaign aims to showcase the real life benefits of Messenger Rooms, from celebrating a birthday remotely to virtual karaoke,” Facebook says. “The work aims to demonstrate a full and candid scale of all the ways people are looking to stay connected with the ones they love, and how Messenger Rooms can make that happen.”

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Photo: Raph_PH