Lizzo Explains The Story Behind ‘Truth Hurts’

In a recent interview, viral hit-ster, Lizzo, uncovered the inspiration behind this week’s #1 pop single, “Truth Hurts.”

The 31-year-old Hip Pop artist said that when she went into the studio two years ago to create the Atlantic Records-released “Truth Hurts,” she really didn’t want to be there. “I was so upset and depressed and sad,” she recounted, after receiving a voicemail from a guy telling her not to call him anymore because he was getting back together with his ex.

Following the devastating news Lizzo blocked her former man suitor and went to the studio, telling producer Ricky Reed everything that had happened and as she was talking, Reed was scribbling notes. When she asked him what he was writing, he replied, “I hope you know you just wrote a song.” The rest of the day was spent running around the building, filling in lyrics to the now-famous instrumental.

“I don’t know what type of magical honey was in my throat when I woke up that morning, but shit,” she said. “Every mother–king thing I said was the goddamn song!” Check out what has turned into one of the hottest songs of the Summer, “Truth Hurts,” below.

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