The Kygo and Miguel‘s masterpiece “Remind Me to Forget” continues to enjoy solid jumps from #8* to #5* Greatest Gainer to this weeks #3* Billboard Dance Club Singles chart position. To date, the RCA Records release has earned over 205,000,000 plays on Spotify with the official music video 41,000,000 views on YouTube.

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The Norwegian producer and American Grammy winning vocalist’s release is as delicate as it is powerful and features a catchy hook and beautiful lyrics highlighted by club-ready remixes from the likes of Barry Harris, Dirty Werk and Cristian Poow.

In addition to the audio, the official music video showcases a ballerina dancing emotionally while the perspective cuts to scenes of Miguel singing into the camera and Kygo playing the piano. As the video progresses, the emotions run higher and the respective performers’ environments start to crumble and crash.

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