Kav Verhouzer Presents his Summer Special Mixtape

Ever since the eruptive launch of Kygo’s career, tropical house has become one of the most saturated and competitive genres within the electronic dance music business. With summer only days away, the abundance of such tunes is truly at a peak, however, when it comes to producers leading the pack, Kav Verhouzer is at the top of his game.

The dutch musicologist has collaborated in the past with Sam Feldt on Spinnin Deep’s hit ‘Hot Skin‘ racking up over 2 million plays on the label’s Soundcloud account. And fans of melodic house movement are in for quite a treat as Verhouzer presents his warm weather mixtape, featuring an over-abundance of feel-good poolside choons.

KAV VERHOUZER – ★ Summer Special ★ (Mixtape) | Download