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Katy Perry Tops Forbes’ List of Highest Paid Female Musicians With $135M

Pop music megastar Katy Perry has proved she is all about the benjamins. Forbes announced its list of 2015’s highest-paid women in music this week, and Perry ruled the lineup, raking in $135 million this year, with most of her sales coming from her Prismatic tour.

That number gives Perry a $53 million advantage over her rival and number two on the list, Taylor Swift. Although Swift earned $80 million, Forbes expects the tables may turn next year, as Swift is currently earning an astonishing $4 million per show on her 1989 stadium tour.

Perry also dethroned Beyoncé, 2014’s top-earning female artist, and this year, Queen Bey swarmed back to No. 5 with $54.5 million. The drop comes from Beyoncé’s lack of new music and a tour in 2015.

Here’s the complete top 10 list:

1. Katy Perry- $135M
2. Taylor Swift- $80M
3. Fleetwood Mac- $59.5M
4. Lady Gaga- $59M
5. Beyoncé- $54.5M
6. Britney Spears- $31M
7. Jennifer Lopez- $28.5M
8. Miranda Lambert- $28.5M
9. Mariah Carey- $27M
10. Rihanna- $10M

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