Katy Perry

Katy Perry Drops Animated ‘Resilient’ Video From ‘Smile’ Album Series: Watch

An apropos reflection of her freshly-released Smile album and courtesy of Capitol Records, Katy Perry just dropped a video for “Resilient.”

The song serves as the auditory backdrop in a sweet stop motion video of a seed that “grows right through the cracks” into a massive, blooming tree. The clip pays tribute to the singer’s past, with a plastic bag floating through the air (as a nod to her “Firework” lyric.), Perry’s beloved late cat Kitty Purry, her current dog Nugget, and her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s late dog Mighty also make appearances. The visual montage comes full circle when the new mother steps off a bus with her just born daughter, Daisy Dove. Watch the visual here.

The “Resilient” video plays along similar animated lines as Perry’s other clip for “What Makes A Woman,” that depicts all of the characters as drawings. Further adding to The Smile Video Series are productions for “Tucked,” “Cry About It Later” and more Smile selections.

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Photo (Cropped): Suran2007