Kaskade Shares Lead Single From ‘Destinations: Living Room’ Compilation Album: Listen Here

After delivering his breathtaking live stream set from atop the Skywalk of The Grand Canyon, Kaskade presents a more subtle side with “Parasite,” a chilled-out alternative dance ditty produced alongside Lucid Luv.

While the Chicago native historically shifts between big room house and more refined Redux tracks, “Parasite” is an even more chilled-out effort. The Arkade-released tune borrows from the growing ambient/lo-fi trend, creating a distinctive identity completely separate from the four-on-the-floor tempo that have long since characterized his other releases. In addition to the production by Kaskade, Lucid Luv’s fuzzy vocals coast effortlessly on “Parasite.” Listen to the song below.

“Parasite” serves as the first single from the forthcoming compilation album in Kaskade’s Destinations series, Destinations: Living Room and the full length will follow Arkade Destinations Iceland and Destinations: Tulum.

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Photo: swimfinfan