While most of the music industry and all live shows came to a screeching halt earlier this year, some adapted to playing live sets on social media platforms. As restrictions and lockdowns loosen up and people are let out of their homes, Kaskade hopes to make a break for it by setting off a drive-in concert tour.

Effective Halloween weekend and extending through late November, Kaskade will be taking to the Pacific Coast Highway on his Road Trip tour to play seven drive-in shows on his way down the coast. Hitting such cities as Pleasanton, Anaheim, Ventura, and Del Mar, the Grammy-nominated producer is making lemonade out of lemons for his passionately loyal fanbase.

Making the best of a more-than-challenging year, Kaskade said in an announcement: “Things aren’t ‘normal’ yet, and this is a new experience, but I’m not mad at that. I’m looking forward to playing music and seeing those faces, whether there is a windshield between us or not. It’s still a connection, and that’s what I’m here for.”

Tickets to the Road Trip tour are now on sale and can be found in the post below.

On Friday, July 24th Kaskade released his Arkade Destinations: Living Room, the third compilation album in his Destinations series and it’s more than likely that the Chicago-born EDM star will play selections from that 17-track effort. Listen below.

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Photo: swimfinfan