Kanye West
Kenny Sun

Kanye West Has Spent $6.8 Million On His Presidential Campaign

From the things in 2020 can’t get any stranger department, Kanye West continues to invest in his presidential campaign by spending $6,760,000.00 of his own money.

After launching his bid for the White House in July, the musical savant and fashion designer has since sunk million$ into his candidacy including mega-funds to political operatives to help get him on the ballot. Thus far Jeezy has successfully qualified for the ballot in 10 states, including Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado, but still faces public concerns of siphoning Black votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Biden should he become a proper nominee.

West’s campaign finance report, filed on Friday, confirms that the campaign paid $1.28 million to Atlas Strategy Group for “ballot access services.” The firm is run by Gregg Keller, a former executive director of the American Conservative Union and a longtime figure in Republican politics in Missouri. Based in Long Island, New York, $2.7 million for ballot access services and polling went to Millennial Strategies, which has worked on Democratic efforts, including the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign. To date West’s campaign has received $11,472 in outside contributions, of which $3,850 came in large enough amounts to be individually reported.

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Photo: Kenny Sun