Justin Bieber
Joe Bielawa

Justin Bieber’s ‘Stolen Melody’ Is Actually A Royalty-Free Sample

Less than 24 hours after Justin Bieber had released his most recent album Changes, there was already controversy and beef surrounding one of the tracks, “Running Over.”

Quickly after its first listen, many people started to point out that the instrumental of the Universal Music-dropped recording sounded exactly like that of Asher Monroe‘s “Synergy.” While being a puzzling occurrence, there is a very good explanation for the similarities between both tracks.

The two melodies sound so alike because they were based off of the same royalty-free sample created by Laxcity, made available to any artist who wants to use it. However, that hasn’t stopped Monroe from publicly speaking out against Bieber. Check out what he had to say below, as well as how the original producer handled the situation.

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Photo: Joe Bielawa