Justin Bieber
Joe Bielawa

Justin Bieber Drops Video For ‘Habitual’: Watch Here

As part of his new Changes era, Justin Bieber has released the video for “Habitual” exclusively on Apple Music.

Sporting a red baseball cap, light blue button-down and a pair of Timberland boots, the mini-film finds the pop star wandering through an abandoned church in an old Spanish-style mission, kicking up autumn leaves and voicing his thoughts in front of a mural of an angel.

“Just to think that we’ve been out here, this whole time/ Working through the seasons/ Never crossed paths, till we had a reason/ Now let’s fast forward, look up/ A whole new perspective for life,” Bieber sings as the video flashes to brief cuts of animation.

Fans can watch a teaser clip of the full video here, but will have to go to Apple Music for the full edition.

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Photo: Joe Bielawa