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Joe Bielawa

Justin Bieber + Chance The Rapper Join Forces In ‘Holy’ Video: Watch

Following last year’s “Cross Me” duet, as part of Ed Sheeran‘s No. 6 Collaborations Project, Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber have join forces once more on “Holy.”

The new Universal Music, release is close to Bieber’s heart as reflected in his Thursday night statement: “I made one of my most important songs with one of my most supportive friends and I really want yall to hear it tonight when it drops. I know this record will make you feel something and I know that feeling is love.” Their latest musical alliance puts a spotlight on Bieber’s signature vocals, with Chance adding a verse of his own as the Hip Hop rhythm and piano keyboard support the composition.

In the video that accompanies the collaboration, Bieber and Star actress Ryan Destiny are a couple, supported by the “Baby” singer’s oil-drilling wages. The pair are evicted from their home and find themselves on the street before Wilmer Valderrama (known for his role as “Fez” on That 70’s Show) portraying a US Army soldier, takes them in for a hot meal with his family. The final frames of the clip show the characters around the dinner table, holding hands and praying.

Justin’s latest offering strays from his classic pop tune format demonstrating a new maturity . Watch and listen to “Holy”.

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Photo: Joe Bielawa