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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Hustlers’-Themed ‘WAP’ Challenge: Watch

As Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s “WAP” continues its viral sensation escalation predicated on its content and ensuing dance challenge, Jennifer Lopez throws her hat in the ring with a very special clip.

Editing together multiple scenes from her now-one-year-old movie, Hustlers – in which she portrayed the stripper and ringleader Ramona – the multi-hyphenate superstar concocted an exciting visual where she appears to be dancing along to the Atlantic Records-released track. By the looks of it, “WAP” would’ve fit perfectly into the movie itself and check out J. Lo’s take on the social media challenge.

While Jennifer Lopez is one of the several big names to participate in the dance sensation, many others, including Cardi B herself, have mentioned that the highly-profane nature of the track is not for everyone’s musical palette, including her own daughter, Kulture. Other media pundits have also criticized “WAP” for what they see as promotion of extreme sexuality.

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Photo: MTV International