Jay-Z and Team Roc, the social justice arm of his Roc Nation entertainment company, have posted bond for a number of people arrested in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, following days of unrest after a charged court decision.

The social disruption stemmed from a situation whereby authorities did not charge the officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Alvin Cole in February. The facts include Cole being seen at the Mayfair mall, West of Milwaukee, in an altercation where a witness claims they saw he pulled a gun (one that he was not legally allowed to possess). After being confronted by police, Cole fled, and allegedly fired upon them before officer Joseph Mensah defended himself, shooting and killing Cole.

Regardless of the facts, protestors, demonstrators and those wishing to cause chaos descended upon the innocent in Wauwatosa following the court’s decision. At first, the situation started out somewhat charged, but evolved into chaos after the local curfew came and passed, with many participants targeting businesses and apartment buildings that were singled out for unlawful destruction. In response, several people were arrested, and subsequently bailed out by Jay-Z and his social justice initiative. The rapper and Team Roc also paid an undisclosed amount of court fees for Alvin’s mother, Tracy Cole, her daughters Taleavia, Tristiana and Tahudah, and several others, according to CBS News.

Jay-Z has long been outspoken in the realm of social justice, especially this year when on Black Out Tuesday, he and Team Roc took out full-page newspaper ads across the nation honoring George Floyd.

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Photo: neomusicstore