While some are quick to criticize the slow response to help those affected by hurricane Dorian, Electric Daisy Carnival is doing their part to help.

The recent natural disaster caused $7 million in damages, killed at least 56 people, with 600 still missing, and left at least 70,000 homeless. While 13,000 homes were destroyed and 45% of the houses on the islands of Abacos and Grand Bahama washed away, the total didn’t account for the remaining homes left unlivable by flooding, mold and destructive winds. Trying to help, one of EDC’s partners, the Love and Life Foundation, asked for assistance to aid those in need.

Though they requested the name of the manufacturer that the festival used to provide high-grade shelters to Las Vegas event attendees, Insomniac’s founder, Pasquale Rotella did the charity one better and donated 1,000 Camp EDC Shiftpod2 Advanced Shelter Systems to the Bahamas immediately, as well as a team of Insomniac employees to help instruct locals on how to use them.

While 1,000 tents is a start, Love and Life is asking dance music fans to help in the cause by raising $100,000 via a GoFundMe. “Pasquale, if you know anything about him, has got probably the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” says Insomniac’s executive director of production, Alyxzander Bear. “He didn’t say ‘How much is it going to cost?’ or ‘What’s the impact on Vegas?’ He just said, ‘Send them a thousand shift pods.'”

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