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How 6LACK’s EP ‘6pc Hot’ Inspired Him To Launch A Hot Sauce Line

6LACK‘s latest EP 6pc Hot is not only a tasty collection of tunes, but it’s now birthed a real-life hot sauce given the Grammy-nominated rapper’s love for the tasty lather.

Raised in Atlanta, 6LACK acquired a taste for all things spicy at an early age, and would spend his extra change at the local wing spot, sparking an interest in finding the best combinations of heat and flavor. “I honestly can’t pinpoint where my love for hot sauce started, but I know it’s been since I was a kid,” 6LACK said in an interview. “I’ve always had a thing for spicy foods and by the time I was able to see over the stove, I was figuring out how to make meals that paired with my favorite hot sauces.”

Dropping his own 600 degrees brand, the two current flavors: original, and mango habanero, emulate the Louisiana-style hot sauce that 6LACK grew up on. While some fans may be interested in extreme heat, 6LACK was more concerned with the overall flavor of his own special edition that can be purchased here,

As for how his hot sauce and the music fit together, the artist explained that, “600 Degrees paired perfectly with my EP. The cover art was a hot-wing restaurant, a remixed (Photoshopped) building that I actually get wings from to this day, and it was mainly just something physical that people could have in addition to the music,” 6LACK says. “I like to look at the EP as an appetizer, so why not throw in some hot sauce?”

Listen to rapper’s EP that brings its own musical heat complimenting his spicy sauce.

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Photo (Cropped): The Come Up Show