Aretha Franklin
Gilbert-Noël Sfeir Mont-Liban

Hear Aretha Franklin’s Previously Unreleased Solo Version of ‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ Here

Originally released as a duet between Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige for the 2006 movie Bobby, a new version of “Never Gonna Break My Faith” has surfaced in conjunction with current social unrest.

Courtesy of RCA Records, the previously-unheard edition of the Grammy Award-winning song now features the Boys Choir of Harlem. The spiritually uplifting and soulful track inspires hope and urges listeners to remain resolute in the world’s uprising against racism and divisiveness. Both sets of vocals and underlying composition come together for a formidable offering that remains as powerful today as when it was originally released fourteen years ago.

Written by the mega-talented pop superstar, Bryan Adams, the Canadian singer/songwriter stated: “When the song was demo’d, I told the producers that Aretha would be the one to sing this — and sing it she did. This solo version has been sitting on my computer for years, and when I heard [Sony Music’s Creative Officer and longtime producer and friend of Franklin] Clive [Davis] was making a film on Aretha’s life, I sent this version to him. The world hasn’t heard her full performance and it really needed to be heard. I’m so glad it’s being released, the world needs this right now.” Listen to the special edition of “Never Gonna Break My Faith” here.

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Photo: Gilbert-Noël Sfeir Mont-Liban