‘Hamilton’ Theme Song Re-Imagined For Dr. Anthony Fauci: Listen

In addition to the whirlwind buzz surrounding Hamilton‘s video release on Disney+ earlier this month, Pentatonix‘ singer Scott Hoying re-imagines one of the musical’s classic songs, dedicated to the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In a statement from Hoying, the re-imagined effort came from an idea he and his co-writers, Brad Silnutzer and Joey Orton, had during a Zoom call. The trio said they were looking to produce some kind of Hamilton parody video after the musical dropped on Disney+, and then it hit them: “The real breakthrough came when we realized ‘Dr. Anthony Fauci’ was the same number of syllables as ‘Alexander Hamilton.'” From there, the team started researching the scientist to understand his many accomplishments and ultimately arrived at lyrics that highlight why the world should be listening to him. “We thought he deserved a theme song,” Silnutzer noted.

Once the the investigative process was complete, the trio embarked on the recording the viral clip that’s currently featured on Instagram and TikTok (below).


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Photo: NIAID