Today is Halloween, and Halsey is ready! Earlier this week, the “Without Me” singer showed off her scary artistic talent in the form of horror makeup to commemorate the age old, haunting holiday.

On Thursday (October 29th) the star took to Twitter to share two self-done makeup looks, the first inspired by her 2020 album Manic. While the project’s original cover art features the singer with one sparkling blue eye, the Halloween edition spotlights a gooey, bloody hole where her socket should be. “MANIC, but make it Horror,” she captioned the image. Check it out here.

For her second look, Halsey adopted a more cartoonish spin with a take on Emily the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s eerie 2005 film. “It takes my breath away! Well it would if I had any…” she captioned the stunning makeup job, referencing a line from the movie.

Following her ghoulish efforts, the 26-year-old answered some follow-up questions, below.

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Photo: DeShaun Craddock