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Finneas Debuts First Original Christmas Song: Listen

For his first foray into holiday music, Finneas has just released the unique and humorous “Another Year.”

Presented by Billie Eilish‘s brother (and partner in her extraordinary career,) Finneas wrote, produced and performed the Christmas piece, that paints a picture of family and friends gathered together to spread joy with wishes that you not spend any money on silly presents for him. The lyrics encapsulate the millennial generation: “It never snows in LA/ You’d never know it was a holiday/ I don’t believe that Jesus Christ was born to save me/ That’s an awful lot of pressure for a baby.” The soothing piano ballad morphs into what many would call a “classic” Christmas tune, wishing that people would come home for the holidays.

In a statement about the track (originally written a year ago), Finneas explained, “Had I known anything I know now about how 2020 would go, I don’t think I would have changed a word. I hope wherever this song finds you, it brings you some small dose of comfort. The horizon is bright, I think.”

Listen to “Another Year” from Finneas.

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Photo: Michael Pardo