Fifth Harmony put on a nostalgic performance on ABC’s Greatest Hits performing all the classics from Beyoncé’s musical alma mater Destiny’s Child.

The five-piece group gave stirring performances of some of the greats, including “Say My Name,” “Independent Women,” “Survivor,” and “Bootylicious” all while draped in throwback wide-legged jeans and red bandanas.

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Before their show, the group gave a shoutout to their heroes and how much they inspired Fifth Harmony to make and perform music.

“They’ve inspired us. We speak about them in literally every interview. Every interview, they’re like ‘Who are your biggest inspirations?’ We’re like, ‘Destiny’s Child.'”

“We’ve been together for almost four years now, and it’s been amazing,” said Camila Cabello. “In the beginning, we were playing shows in malls next to pharmacies. And now getting to be on this show and paying tribute to the girl group who has inspired us.”

Watch the performance below.

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