Fans have asked and Eric Prydz has delivered! After teasing his listeners for some five years, the Swedish progressive house maestro has revealed “NOPUS.”

“NOPUS” first debuted at EDC Las Vegas, when the “Call On Me” creator closed out his circuit GROUNDS performance with the composition. Fans quickly dubbed the track “NOPUS” when it replaced his traditional iconic set closing single, “OPUS”

Featuring an uplifting piano progression and atmospheric pads, the new new title takes on other worldly Prydz features leading up to its crescendo. Similar to its companion, “OPUS,” the recording takes listeners through an odyssey-like structure as signature snares and beautiful synths deliver an inspirational sonic playground.

“In 2015, I made a track called ‘Opus’…I actually made it to play as the last track of my set at EDC Las Vegas, the big festival in Las Vegas, and then obviously the track became a huge success, and the next year people were talking about, ‘Oh, I wonder what new track he’s going to play last in his EDC set this year.’ Which kind of made me feel like, ‘Ooh, I kind of… I need to pull out something special here,’” stated Prydz. Listen to “NOPUS” here.

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Photo: Amnesia Ibiza