Giuseppe Milo

DVRKO Introduces Mysterious Debut Single ‘This Is How’: Listen Here

Dance music culture is no stranger to masked musicians like Marshmello, Daft Punk, Alan Walker, Deadmau5, and Claptone who’ve been thriving for years while donning a range of (pre pandemic) face coverings and PRO MOTION is pleased to include DVRKO to our esteemed list of mysterious club culture professionals.

Instead if simply hiding behind a disguise, DVRKO is using his look to inspire creativity amongst his fans. In an interview with Billboard, conducted via email, DVRKO didn’t disclose much about his past, present, or future plans, but had a cryptic message for those who want to understand the enigma: “If I have to explain, you’re not paying attention,” he said. “Take the trip, crack the code: journey’s worth it. But look, at its core, my message is simple: love and respect mother earth, and your mothers, your brothers and your sisters. I promise you, it won’t suck.”

While paying homage to those like NERO, Skrillex, Justice who came before him, the presentation of DVRKO’s debut single, “This is How,” is inherently dark in production quality and glides smoothly throughout the composition. Lead singer, Sarah De Warren’s vocals highlight the single as she stays on point with the song’s message about the push and pull of intense feelings. In the words of the artist himself, the piece deals with “Personal sh*t from meat grinder relationships, where even though I was looking for the nearest exit, scabs already fused us back together.” Listen to “This is How” from DVRKO via his own L1N3 imprint here.

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Photo: Giuseppe Milo