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Drake, DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber + More Offer Experiences For ‘All In Challenge’

With the 2020 Presidential election coming up fast, and divisiveness at high levels, it is more important than ever to get educated and involved with politics so that our nation can move in the right direction. To encourage that mission, the All In Challenge is teaming up with celebrities from the film, music and sports industries to get young people engaged in the political system.

According to the Campus Democracy Challenge, they strive to recognize “colleges and universities for their commitment to increasing student voting rates,” encouraging “higher education institutions to help students form the habits of active and informed citizenship, make democratic participation a core value on their campus, and cultivate generations of engaged citizens who are essential to a healthy democracy.” During these hard times, the organization is also raising money to benefit multiple nationwide food banks to make sure that people don’t go hungry while being unemployed. So far, more than $21 million has been donated.

As an incentive to get involved, groups and people that sign up and follow through with their goals and gifts are put in the running to win highly-coveted prizes that range from walk-on roles for upcoming films and experiencing Flavortown with Guy Fieri, to meeting the entire cast of FRIENDS.

For those looking into a music experience, there are plenty to go around seeing that Drake is offering a private ride on his “Air Drake” plane so you can party in LA and experience one of his shows, DJ Khaled is open to jet skiing and a hangout session, and Justin Timberlake wants to go golfing. If those options are a bit too active, Ariana Grande is cool with a lucky fan coming behind the scenes and spending time with her in the recording studio. While all of the prizes are amazing, they aren’t earned without hard work. Check the official All In Challenge’s official site here to learn more and see all of the prizes.

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