DJ Skribble

From MTV ‘Spring Break’ to ‘Project Dad,’ DJ Skribble Shares Secret To His Success

DJ Skribble has cracked the code of success and longevity as a radio, club and touring DJ for over two decades. 

Launching from his hiphop roots with Young Black Teenagers in the early 90s’, to being the face of MTV’s iconic ‘Spring Break,’ traveling around the globe, and now starring in TLC’s Project Dad, it’s safe to say he’s done it all.

Skribble, real name Scott Ialacci, is well known as an advocate of DJ culture. From initially hating house music to being one of the first mixmasters to perfect both hiphop and house, the Queens native encourages the new generation of DJs’ to respect the craft.

“Understand that the people before you are just as important as the people that are on today. Because without those people before you you don’t exist. I don’t exist without Kool Herc. I don’t exist without a Junior Vasquez. I don’t exist without Paul Oakenfold. Understand it all, know where it came from, respect your craft and learn everything there is it to know. Take chances.”

Watch PRO MOTION’s exclusive interview with Skribble where he reflects on his breakthrough moment, gives advice to new DJs, and takes on a tough round #OnesGottaGo. 


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