After what many may call “too long,” Disclosure have announced their return and ready to go in 2020. And fans are ecstatic.

Just a single photo of Disclosure’s signature face visuals was enough to get the ball rolling for listeners who’ve been waiting on news regarding the duo. The same UK natives who blessed the world with instant classics such as “Latch,” “You & Me,” “Omen,” “When A Fire Starts To Burn” and more are slated to make their 2020 return.

Brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence recently spoke about their plans and what they’ve been musing on by saying “We’ve been working on this music for two years now. We’re getting to a point we’re almost happy but we’ve been at that ‘almost’ stage for a while.” They also teased a significant amount of material they’ve been working on : “We’ve written over 100 songs over the last couple years and haven’t compiled them in any order or chosen which ones we’re going to release.”

Stay tuned for more regarding Disclosure’s comeback and check out their post here.

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Photo: saintsebastion