Courtesy Photo (BMG Chrysalis)

Designer Drugs Remix Samsaya

Born in India and raised in Oslo, Norwegian vocalist/actress and purveyor of world music,  Samsaya (born Sampda Sharma), has been a fixture of the Northern European club scene since her 2004 debut album, “Shedding Skin“.  Since then she has released several chart topping club singles in Europe and has also had acting roles in several Norwegian films.

Long one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Samsaya seems poised to break into the North American club world with her latest single, a collaboration with highly respected, New York-based production duo, Designer Drugs. Comprised of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, Designer Drugs have been making dirty, synth-heavy electro jams since the the late 2000’s. And their 2011 debut album, “Hardcore/Softcore” (released on Ultra Records), saw them merging synthpop, dark house, and electro to great acclaim.

Now Designer Drugs have done a thrilling remix of Samsaya’s new single, “Good With the Bad” (released on BMG Chrysalis). While the track has been out for several weeks, it’s already developed quite the club culture buzz amongst U.S. turntablists and dance radio DJ’s. Have a listen and find out why, and then have a look at the video for Samsaya’s excellent 2013 single, “Stereotype“.