Deadmau5 Video Games
Deadmau5 Video Games

Deadmau5 Reveals Video Game Obsession

DJ and producer Deadmau5 talks video games, fans, and why he never plans on retiring.

“If you want to retire because you’re sick of fucking playing a CD, do it! Fuck, we won’t miss you”

Deadmau5 has admitted he has a video game obsession. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed his passion for not only creating music and touring, but for playing video games as well. It’s no surprise that the two industries have always had an intertwining relationship. Iconic games such as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise are well known for their lush soundtracks filled with orchestral arrangements and soaring melodies, and the series’ main composer Nobuo Uematsu has as much credibility as any famed rock star. At the same time, DJ’g and gaming both demand dexterous hand movement and attention to detail and will oftentimes reward those possessing more talent and skill. So it’s no surprise that Deadmau5 entertains the possibility of hosting his own livestream on websites such as Twitch while sponsoring gamers.

On his early days playing video games

“They were a huge part of my upbringing in their early form, when I was all about Dig Dug and River Raid. As they evolved, so did my music-making, and we just kind of grew up together like cool friends. It’s something I do still to this day. When I’m working on something and need to take a little break, I’ll go down and play some video games. It’s just a good time-sink to take your mind off shit.”

On how video games have influenced his music

“I was actually really taken by the – if you will – soundtrack for Castlevania and Super Castlevania for Super Nintendo. That was like, ‘Holy shit! These are cool songs!’ We’re just cool buddies, me and video games. Back in the day we even did a thing for DJ Hero where we went in a mo-cap studio and recorded me “DJ’ing” or whatever.”

On being involved in professional gaming

“Well, with gaming, I’m more into hosting competitions, like the guy who owns the football team. It wouldn’t shock me to see myself in a position where we sponsor some talented young gamers to come and fight the good fight.”

On touring and retirement

“I like the challenges that touring provides: all the logistics involved, all the technology and constantly keeping in the front of production that looks great…There were only so many moments in music history where precedents had been set, like Daft Punk in their pyramid and then me with my LED mouse head at Coachella in the cube…That’s my goal: to be the guy who unveils that crazy fucking thing that people saw and then tour it a little while so we can share it with everyone else. If you want to retire because you’re sick of fucking playing a CD, do it! Fuck, we won’t miss you…There’s no limit to how hard you can push your shit. I like to talk to my set designers, which is pretty rare for this day in electronic music.”

Have any video games influenced your upbringing? Be sure to let us know and check out the full interview here.