Entertainment giant Goldenvoice, in conjunction with parent company AEG, have long brought a wide array of events and music to the eyes and ears of people around the globe, mainly via the flagship Coachella festival. Now, in the wake of multiple nation-wide social justice initiatives, they are teaming up with budding artists to elevate Black Lives Matter messaging in a new campaign.

Inspired by the BLM movement, Goldenvoice brought on a spectacular group of the company’s black minds to embody Goldenvoice BLACK. As a part of this fellowship, the team handpicked four emerging artists to create Coachella merchandise that reflects their vision of the black experience. Goldenvoice celebrated the announcement on Coachella’s social media profiles, stating, “We understand that this work extends beyond current circumstances, and are committed to continual and consistent support of the black community.”

In addition to offering stylish and politically-motivated threads (below), proceeds from this initiative will be routed to the charities of each artists’ choosing. See the collections in full below

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Photo: Eric Ward/Public Domain