Last night, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump faced off in what was the first of multiple scheduled debates. While what transpired was nothing short of chaotic, celebrities have chimed in within their own takes on the event and the issues discussed.

Moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the Tuesday night’s debacle covered a variety of topics pertinent to the United States amid a particularly tumultuous year, including the Supreme Court, COVID-19, the economy, race and violence in our cities, and the integrity of the election. While Wallace did his best to keep each candidate from interrupting the other, the exchange turned into a vocal battle of who could speak louder and longer than the other.

Citizens and musicians like Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, John Legend, 50 Cent and more, expressed their views in the following posts.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the debate was the narrative that Trump could not, and cannot condemn white supremacists and white nationalists. While the topic did come up, with the President asking for the specific verbiage in order to condemn unsavory actors within the United States to placate his opponents, according to speech transcripts, Trump has already done so on multiple occasions (in 2017 and 2019 according to PolitiFact and NPR, respectively). On the other side of the stage though, Biden did not express support for the Black Lives Matter movement when asked about the subject or explain why he has been endorsed by the United States’ most notorious white supremacist, Richard Spencer.

It is essential for voters to do their own research and consume news from a variety of different sources on multiple topics in order to hear both sides of each argument and to drill down to the facts rather than the narrative.

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Photo: Julio Enriquez