Carl Cox

Carl Cox Explains Why Illegal Raves Have Been Popping Up

Following a series of illegal raves in the UK lately, Carl Cox lends some insight and his perspective on these events.

As the overwhelming majority of concerts, festivals and other music and social events have been canceled throughout the UK, the masses have grown increasingly impatient and frustrated with the lack of creative outlets. As a result many a British resident have taken matters into their own hands by creating dangerous gatherings, including two Manchester raves that resulted in one fatality, three stabbings, and a sexual assault.

The longtime club culture icon and festival producer/DJ is weighing in on the subject, saying “These illegal parties are basically done out of frustration. Just done out of showing it’s our right to do what we want to do. It’s not the answer to this.” Cox noted that social distancing has prevented nightlife from returning to normal which “for the music scene—absolutely sucks.” While a portion of pubs and bars will reopen on July 4th, details surrounding the larger social scene still remain uncertain. To the contrary, however, recently leaked government documents seem to reveal the UK’s nightlife sector could potentially reopen with “entry checks” and other strict guidelines that have already been in place in many other states, cities and businesses throughout the United States.

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Photo: Malagalabombonera