Despite officials warning against the dangers of large gatherings. Cardi B held a massive Thanksgiving Day family party and her fans weighed in.

Starting with upbeat celebratory messages that devolved into apologies and explanations, a saga of tweets from the “WAP” contributor unfolded over the past few days.

After her lighthearted message, Cardi B announced the makeup of her party, followed by the backlash, and her explanation that everyone in her house was tested beforehand (though experts have warned may not have enough of a precautionary measure given COVID-19’s latency period or unreliable tests and the danger of asymptomatic spread.)

One respondent noted, “No one is trying too hard. You had 37 people over your house during a pandemic. Even if you dont think of yourself as a role model many fans will see your Thanksgiving as not taking COVID seriously. Also testing folks alone isn’t going to work…” Cardi tried to flip her wrongdoing on fans in the tweet below.

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Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg