After weeks of strategic moves and an overall formidable effort, CamelPhat and Jem Cooke‘s track “Rabbit Hole” has achieved the #1* spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

The Columbia Records-released track is a match made in heaven as Cooke’s dreamy and mesmerizing vocals “Step one side to side/ Bodies gently moving/ I let myself fly this time/ Dance for miles and miles/ Crowd’s been slowly growing/ But it’s only you I see this time” pair well with the UK-based duo’s production that features a four-on-the-floor beat and plenty of synths.

The official visual that sees a protagonist following an Alice in Wonderland-type timeline also adds to the offering, helps to personify the lyrics and underlying composition. See the clip here.

Helping to get “Rabbit Hole” to the top of the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart were remixes conducted by club culture elite DJ/producers Black Circle and Monkey Safari, who created new renditions that play to many different tastes.

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